Lyrics de Good Samaritans - Useless


The love to show up

Will never make my days

I gotta be serious for everything created

My life is based on my true story

And I won't represent one day what I am not

This really mean shit to me

I gotta follow that

Without it I'm out

Fuck talent, that's expression

Things I've learned growin' up should not be Useless

It's part of me not to be ashamed of

That's true to me

And many of it was worth the experience

Underestimation was always part of my life

And it's still today but now I know I can front

Moms always showed me

I had to respect everything

And I believe that's why I think

Everybody is the same

The race for God was invented by human beings

To collect money

Lazy punks knew they would be on top

Look at me now

I gotta rob for my Dinner Kraft

If rap wasn't there

I would not be writin' this

I would probably dead from bad relationship


We're Useless 'cause nobody cares

Society needs bitches

Only a few of us will be paid

We'll keep on standing like the last man in movies

And like old trees

On vise l'top c'est not'devise

Useless you think we are but we strike hard

Play the card that was dealt

And risk all to win all

Inutiles, les déceptions s'empilent

faque faut toujours être les plus forts

Sinon on signe nos arrêts d'mort


J'arrive avec GS

Avec du son qui progresse

De plus en plus à chaque jour

Du stock lourd qui fesse dans ta tête

Pis qui rentre din oreilles des sourds

Dis-toé qu'c'pour l'amour qu'on continue

Parce-qu'au point où on est rendu

On s'en câlisse tu tu pense de toé pis ta marde?

J'ai chrissement rien à parde

Fuck les vendus!

J'vends ma salade aux malades qui l'aime crue

Parce-que j'veux pas finir dans' rue

J'ai p't'être ben l'air d'un trou-d'cul

Mais comprends-moé au moins

Qu'chu déçu, qu'chu inutile

La société veut pas d'moé

En plus on dirait que j'parle dans l'vide

On m'fait patienter 2 heures

Mais chu mieux d'n'r'tirer du christ de chômage

C'est des affaires de mêmes qui m'enragent

Attends pas que j'me décide à faire du ménage

Ça s'ra pas drôle

Pour toute les ass holes qui m'ont fait chier

Non mé

Faut tu être cave pour humilier les plus jeunes que soé

Une face de requin

C'pas dur à oublier

Un hostie d'plein qui dit inutilité



Quietly, my moms shed tears

'cause she can't even figure

The life of her 1st son

Going any further

Is there any hope?

I'm 22 and still broke

Is he gonna struggle all his life to get the dough?

And as my dad speeches me

I see the door slowly closin'

I'm tired of all his monologues

So I just leave home

To rest my dome from all this non sense

I smoke a reefer

Not to escape reality

To cool down my temper

My job is rapping for The Good Samaritans

And even though the cash don't flow

Yo! We still represent

And fuck money!

We'll get the dough eventually

Cash don't rule me

So I can see clearly

And everybody sayin' we should do this or that

make this move instead of that

You don't even know the half of what we do

So shut the fuck up!

And mind your business

Regardless what you're saying

'Cause it's useless

Needless to say the flame's burnin'

Inside of my soul

And I can feel it with my hands

Touch the microphone

I can control myself

And I can defend my own

I can bust some smooth shit

Then I can switch to attack mode

That's what I'm used to

It ain't hard to tell

And if you don't want it

I'll see you in hell

Refrain (x2)
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