Lyrics de Catburglaz - Expecting flaws

ore juice than tropical fruits, you¹re still a skeptic?

I play Russian roulette with a clip fully loaded

far from lunatic, I've been lyrically promoted

ready to supersede, anything that starts with Mc

I make hit singles without the Beatles and Mc Cartney

home alone, I trick more criminals than Mc Cauley

and if you want to talk about my decimals

I make more cheese than any Bigmac ever made at Mc Donald's

so bring the battles, I'll be the last man standing

a fair win that Bruce Willis wasn't even expecting

stop bragging about your army and artilleries

the only chrome you carry is your nine cavities

my deep lines makes me shine like Colgate

I got more rocks than earthquakes, no fake

I be real no mugs, but my musical drugs

still bring you more illusions than the wizard of oz

this ain't no joke, I'm getting bored of your gimmick

you're so broke, you can't even afford to buy a wallet

get it? if you play with the odds like a casino

I'm bringing heat yo that would fry Bob Deniro

try to be dope, but you lie like rugs

violating laws when you're stepping on my paws

rejecting 'cause you be expecting flaws

yo D. let me sharpen my claws, it's yours!

the wild cat's swinging mad bats, rip through your lesser joints

mess around and for lesser I'll strike your pressure points

battling me is similar to life in prison

feel violated , down to your micro-organism

an onslaught of rhythm, fighting incipience

infidels stepping against my omnipotence

my family, the dopest of astronomical bodies

vocally rock parties, breaking sweat hardly

you know the story, get burned for few seconds of glory

simply for the fact y'all brothers bore me

figured that I'm slimmer than a toothpick right

but little do you know, I'm bigger than frank white

out of sight on some put them up, it's a robbery

you never should of doubted the camaraderie

my thoughts heavily propelled like projectiles

leave you deformed like the monsters on that show x-files

while simultaneously my associates crack your safe

take what they had to take put everything in their place

and jet, no trace except for that cat sign up on the door

most of the time you'll see a paw

though you don't know who we are, we¹ve still imprinted a scar

driving fast cars even though most of y'all are

rejecting 'cause they be expecting flaws

yo Shan, let the Dice get raw, it's yours

into the mind frame of the veteran

hip hop extravagant keeping rap relevant

to the movement of jah people so I'm militant

going against the grain is going against the fame

you niggaz know my name in this game just the same

I plant seed in your brain so you grow to understand

my rhymes and reasons all means to a game

I don't waste time battling, but you niggaz's insane

if you think you're gonna win, I'm in a category by myself

like Celine, inflammable like gasoline

so don't get me heated, I burn through your chest

like that flesh eating diseases rest in pieces

once I finish my teases, you¹ll feel like I'm dropping on you

just like feces, the fat beats

that my man P.A produced up raise the energy

adrenaline secretes while my rhymes get praises

you niggaz are changing faces, like R¹n¹B bitches

you niggaz start switching, if you can't stand the heat

then get out of the kitchen, this feels like a tiger against

a little kitten, oh good riddance

Mc's are quitting, if this was New-York

you'd be locked in St-Quentin, since this is Montreal

you're rejecting 'cause you be expecting flaws

yo players if you're ready to draw it's yours.

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