Lyrics de Catburglaz - Extra, extra

Extra! Extra! read all about it

the CatBurglaz are coming and they say they 'bout it 'bout it

there's no doubt about it, if they want they're gonna take it

so don't get it twisted when it hit you're gonna feel it yo!

that bona fide real shit, east coast do or die ill shit

mix it, next is your best shit

that'll take the exit, I'm toxic, burn kids

like liquid acid, so who the best is?

come up and ask it, the last one I hit

couldn't have an open gasket, his whole shit

couldn't fuck with one of our tight skit, so when our hit

I know y'all gonna cope it, rip it then pop it

inside your tape deck make it cd or cassette

peep the flyiest set that you haven't heard yet

how much you¹re gonna bet, I¹m gonna pose a threat

to all you wack niggaz that needs a safety net, what?


in the beginning, heads were watching, we were progressing

but now we're united the combination is a blessing

listen as we swing bats and rhymes in your direction

dissing anything that might try to blow this mission

nuclear fission when the three of us are positioned

around the mic, they had to call the army physician

verbal munitions ready for complete demolition

of the rap industry 'cause there is a lack of good beats

when I walk on the street, players wanna jack my new freak

'cause you're jalous of me, my style my rap is unique

plus you're wack and you're weak so you just can't follow me

lyrical artillery we freestyle in our bank robbery

we're gonna freeze mc's salary then kidnap radio jocks

Catburglaz only, no more rock, no more pop

you're gonna feel it when we blow up, get ready for the hold up

what? you stopped the beat, it's just music man, grow up!


ooh, oooooh! the only way a brother could be starting this

within five years my school of thought should be Shanapolis

my synopsis got all you suckers on the follow up

kids don't wanna bite they wanna chew and swallow us

collar up! it's the happy days, I'm the Fonz

want a booze wanna be noticed consider silicone

you fossile, stay ghetto, living your life in a bottle

but you ain't no Jenny or no genius so keep wishing

annually for a new style you deep fishing

to be like D., Shan and Dice B your next mission

I make it hot, that's how I see it, call it heat vision

world series duke, cat's eye, no missing


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