Lyrics de Feezy Da Main Man - Poutine

[Hook: Feezy Da Main Man]
You know I spit crack for my hood fiends
Blowin' up, same goal, same routine (right)
Gotta get my bread, paper, cheese, loot, cream
To the money, I'm rushin' like Putin
Rushin' like Putin
Gotta get my bread paper, cheese, loot, cream
To the money, I'm rushin' like Putin

[Verse 1: Feezy Da Main Man]
Let them know who the tightest be
Just recognize the flow's sick hepatitis B
I wrap it up and get it in nigga no sex
Cuz I'm da fella that they watch... rolex
To the money, I'm rushin' like a soviet
Niggas always wanna know how much doe you get
Askin all them questions like a credit check
We always hustle you can double even triple check
Going hard for that paper boy
Then throw it up like a paperboy
No chillin' I just want more shillings
A believer and a leader showin' no feelings

[Hook: Feezy Da Main Man]

[Verse 2: Feezy Da Main Man]
Just trynna get my point across yo
Tyme is money gotta dash like roscoe
And you gotta pay the cost 2 be the boss yo
To da money I'm rushin' like Moscow
I mean I gotta make a profit yo
Too many plans and many places i Would love to go
I keep my focus homie slippin' is impossible
I gotta be patient like I'm sittin' at the hospital
Until then, I gotta make sure my loot is right
Cuz if you can't invest to progess you're lookin' stupid right (right)
I never sleep I just take naps
State facts, Make stacks and lace tracks

[Hook: Feezy Da Main Man]
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