Lyrics de Yosepe - The Beauty of music

here he comes now saying Yosepe

After a game of cosom
which is fought at top.
I prepared myself to be pretty for the girl
strucked the way on the floor
ready for the pack
slamming some move
starting the show
and giving the flow


Well but Anyway
I did all a step
attractive enough
and so impressive
As for my talent
is exciting
all depends on the
beauty of music

When I dance
it moves my belly
but the worst, it’s dance batlle
caused by big pressure
becaused people criticize the top master
friend or hater
I have to do with it


They reached the final part which we could
I was the third one is I should
When I had the interview for this talent
I didn’t know what to say
When my turn came on
I wanted to dance the moonwalk
but they only had disgusting songs
that’s why feeling had crashed
Chargement de la playlist...