Lyrics de PsynLangwage - Shift is the Name




I—spit at the snakes and take out their venom…
Rappers talk tough I’ve been bad since seven;
If bedtime was nine I’d go to bed at eleven,
Any rapper who can out do me I’ve never met em.
I’ve come to done you emcees, the microphone will drop;
Ya pose and lookin all tough see, but it’s all photoshop.
You can’t be in my league, you cannot hold a spot;
Thinkin that you’re just dirty, you’re just a portopot’.
You think you got skills? You don’t even sorta got;
Your wifey’s underage and she’s not even sorta hot.
Rappers nowadays make me laugh and snort a lot;
Credit cards in the bar, can’t even afford a shot.
Rappers can’t pass like when I hail a taxi cab;
When I diss they take it all in just like a maxi pad, *GASP*.
Call me sadistic cause what will make you happy is bad;
Verbally I bring the belt just like what your daddy had.

SHIFT is the name but it’s not a keyboard,
Spittin’s the game and I’m sharp like the sword,
Thinkin’ to shame you should take a detour, and
Click PsynLangwage if you want to see more.


Until I drop I’ll be badder than your jail, homie,
Can’t take away my spot event with Javel on me;
Always on top you can’t even put a spell on me,
Baddest in my class even the teacher will tell on me.
I’ve got knowledge so people call me a know it all,
I’m not fallin and not following no protocol;
I’m not ballin I cop what is affordable,
Some people look up to me because I’m sorta tall.
The mirror image of a person that I’m talkin to;
So if you’re DISSIN no surprising if you got it too.
All of my rolemodels are sick so I caught it too;
Makin rappers feel sad like I never thought of you.
Another rapper’s out? Man, I’m getting so tired of you;
Thinkin that you’re so bad, I think someone lied to you.
Don’t wanna get me feeling mad, there will be no sign of you;
Music got me gwanin’ bad jumpin like a Kangaroo.


Yuh nuh kno seh…PsynLangwage deh bout.
Yuh nuh kno seh…PsynLangwage deh bout.

Yuh seh di PsynLangwage (PsynLangwage)… Yuh see di PsynLangwage (PsynLangwage).
Yuh nuh kno seh di PsynLangwage (PsynLangwage)…deh bout (mi nah kno) yo
(You don’t know.)
PsynDragon…(who dat)…Holy_Shift (ah who dat).
(ah) PsynLangwage (ah who dat) we out…

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