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The question is: Who’s hotter than this? No one
The problem is they ain’t got it like this. Someone
Tell ‘em that I’m here we’re stopping the malarkey
I’m cut from a different cloth they can’t match my pedigree
Everybody’s sick and misplaced the remedy
Now I have to pause and write a letter to the industry
To whom it may regard I don’t mean to bombard
I had to take a few to write a letter to you

(Hook) X2
Now I don’t mean to be disrespectful
And I don’t mean to be causing trouble
But every day we hustle and we’re ready to rumble so
I am going nowhere

Verse 1
1.It’s been a minute since they’ve been on radio screaming murder
2.In the memory of Hip Hop is no longer
3.Cheapskates already taking dibs on the flowers
4.Hip Hop ain’t dead it’s sleeping like Jairus’ daughter
5.Maybe the heart beat got slower
6.now I got to use my rhymes like a defibrillator
7.Now a man of faith had to come and do his thing well
8.Stay cool in my J’s but subtract the LL
9.Heavy weighted raps that are weighted by the fish scale
10.But there’s no need to worry I’ll give it back it’s rhythm
11.It’s hard to decipher what’s fake and what’s authentic
12.Because most of these rappers are genuinely synthetic
13.You will see the decline of music that is pathetic
14.Because the hip in the hop is nothing but prosthetic
15.To whom it may regard I don’t mean to bombard
16.I had to take a few to write a letter to you


Verse 2
1.Those reviewing cd’s had a tough time lately
2.They went from journalism to studying scatology
3.We bringing forth something more complex
4.By the time they get the 2nd on the 4th they vexed
5.I used to pack boxes and wrap pallets for a while kid
6.Now I pack flows and rap about what I done did
7.Don’t get it twisted that doesn’t make me a back packer
8.I’m just saying’, just in case you know these back stabber
9.They follow the mark of the stereo type
10.Switch up their styles no matter what the stereo hypes
11.Weak artists are putting out more videos
12.And real artists working they’re hardest don’t get played on the radio
13.Aspiring mc’s all want in for cash
14.They hold mics like broom sticks and spit nothing but trash
15. To whom it may regard I don’t mean to bombard
16.I had to take a few to write a letter to you


Verse 3
1.I’ve been sitting quietly wondering why do these guys rhyme?
2.They don’t really spit they only verbalizing gang signs
3.Mind you they never had a good example
4.Spitting eclectic bars depolarizing their muscles
5.On my to the top as I structure these syllables
6.Counterfeits already see that I’m bringing them trouble
7.I suggest you haters not to try to spar with my abilities
8.Come and test the water end up drowning in the red sea
9.See, I won’t stop until a trail is paved
10.In the mean time I’ll spit lines like twin razor blades
11.God’s leading my steps, so I’m walking in the shade
12.Refused the thought of confirming I am a renegade
13.My elders told me I’m the head not the tail
14.Judas’s trying to come and nitpick details
15.Hop on that band wagon get your train of thoughts derailed
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