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I feel the echos of my strife,
the patterns of my life,
bright lights to dark nights back the bite.
Rage in effect, I'm just about to blow,
I stay cold, turning rain back to icicles.
I suppose that's just what I was made to be,
amazed to feel the hardcore raised a key,
instill the streets, the modern war erase the weak,
your mom's will mourn the venom from the prophecy,
in spite of me, I can't even stop to say
the pot's in play
the fuck am I supposed to be,
you want your piece, I'm the one who bake the cake,
and all these muthafuckin fake catz are born to break,
a corner-great, hot steppin on the stone of fate,
we own the base in case you got a call to make,
hold on kid, y'all don't want to start no issues
fish food for sharks running game in the big pool
dig dude, the sparks, yeah it's getting habitual
finger on the mark, you start singing the ritual
yeah, the bark's getting official
missiles to the heart that scar enemy tissues
the veteran get you
a venemous issue
window to my life I'm like painting a picture
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