Écoutes : 1919
e words of the world's hungriest, yo peep the rib cage

Towards God was my coming of age, yo' stream

Of consciousness seems to fade as you consider you're ways

Out of the ghetto to be brave, see like you

I'm a poor man, a high hopes, money on the low man

Yet I'd rather be a self-righteous than a no man's

Land resident, I am hesitant

As to say that I'm the chosen, nah I ain't posing

As the poster boy truth and the divine

I'm just saying in time, you will realize I was right all along

By then long gone your present king will execute me

On charges of revolutionary mutiny, it won't be televised

But you'll be soon to be, amongst the eyewitnesses

Seeing that what I did wasn't worthless kid

This ain't your usual we've all been put here for a reason type song

But keep your head out of the water 'cause the tide's strong, I know


I know that you're a little worried

But know that you can lean on me

And I will lead you to the path

Come on, won't you take my hand

I know you're feeling all alone

But no, you're not the only one

You need to keep the faith in God

No matter how hard

I know I'm here, but I'm not sure to what purpose

It should be clear, but I'm not getting the message

I read the verses over and over again

Try to quench my thirst for knowledge and understanding

Then past the wisdom, like it was mad izm

But not keep the focus on me like it was narcissism

A lot we're missing, miseducated like Miss Lauryn

Allah is listening, but that concept remains foreign

So now we're touring, speaking with whom willing to listen

I know we're scoring points but we still end up dying in vain

If nothing change and my people still mentally chained

"Let my people go", I told the man

Does he really own the land, no! I thought so

But before he shakes my hand he rather strike me to my torso

My blood flow and I lay there dying

I say, forgive them father they just don't know what there doing

You know!


We used to play arcades when I was younger

Nowadays I learn hard ways to stay stronger

And I wonder, why life has to be so complicated

You think I got funds to face it? Here's my rent come and pay it

Some might hate it, this ain't a monopoly game

In jail you skip more than a turn 'cause you're obviously chained

Waiting for Jesus' return like the prophecy claims

Meanwhile there's money to earn 'cause it's a job to be sane

Lots of things changed, but my heart still chooses to beat

Even though I see people drinking booze on the street

Begging for dough twenty below, with no shoes on their feet

But I'm still here bro, whether I loose or retreat


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