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Bing bang badabow when i come through
Nobody wanna make a sound when i come through
God dammit i love this rap sh**
Everything i touch is a classic
I'm on my caca doo-doo
Oh my god, that's alot of poo-poo
Easy sh** like ga-ga goo-goo
B****es wanna hop on my cocka-noodle
Gyeaaahhh !
L.A.B... Ya'll want a beat but the sh** ain't free
Only for me, Nanana-Booboo
F*** the world until the B**** can't breathe
Life is a h** with a d*** in her mouth
Eyes be rollin' & spinnin' around
Pull up my pants & i'm kickin' her out
Don't understand what she's trippin' about
I'm a f***in' a**hole but ya'll made me what i am today
If you f*** with my doe then you gon' wish you ran away
I'm killin' the game, actors be trippin' i'm bringin' the pain
Half of these b****es be feelin' ashamed
Rappers be b****in', i smack 'em, i hit 'em, i'm stealin' their chains
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